Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Letter to Flick

Dear Flick,
I met you on November 2. It was my first time ever to visit Old Friends and I must admit, I came there thinking about Commentator. However, I left there thinking about you.
Many journalists in the racing industry feel they must write with their head, not with their heart. I’m not like that at all. Yes, horse racing is a business and you must use your head, but I would not be so enthralled with racing if it weren’t for my heart. I got into racing because of my love for the horse and remain in it for the same reason.
Honestly, Flick, I wanted to see Commentator the most because I remembered watching him race. It was very exciting to see him, but the gelding wasn’t exactly personable. You, however, were.

Photo by Mary Cage
I visited your paddock twice on the tour. The first time I visited it, you pulled on my heart strings. Danthebluegrassman was not very nice to you. Just because he won a graded stakes race and you only won ungraded stakes races doesn’t give him reason to boss you around. After all, he “only” ran forty-seven times; you ran fifty-one times.

The tour guide, Tom, informed us that you had come to California after racing in Europe. You had the look of an English Thoroughbred. You were tall, lanky and, well, you just had the British look that I can’t quite describe. You were very handsome.
Towards the end of the tour, I visited you again. While everyone else doted on Little Silver Charm (don’t worry, he got some attention from me later), I stood next to you, rubbing on you. You stood serenely, gazing at me with your warm brown eyes. I cradled your head in my arms and you didn’t budge. Instead, you cuddled with me.
I wish I could’ve stayed longer, but the tour had to go on. Creator, Special Ring, and Sunshine Forever were waiting for me. But don’t worry, Flick, I haven’t forgotten you and I won’t. I know you are in great hands and I hope other visitors give you plenty of carrots. Old Friends is a terrific foundation that deserves even more recognition than it gets. As an owner of an ex-racehorse, I greatly appreciate what Old Friends does. I hope to visit you again, Flick.
P.S. Don’t let Danthebluegrassman boss you around too much! He gets way too many carrots as it is!

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1 comment:

  1. Mary - Glad you enjoyed your visit to Old Friends. Flick is a loveable character, one of many as you learned.

    Anyway, great blog post.

    If you'd like another photo of Flick, feel free to email me an email address at rickcapone at gmail dot com and I'll be happy to send you one.

    Hope you can come out again sometime.

    Take care,

    Rick Capone
    Old Friends Volunteer
    Georgetown, Ky.