Sunday, April 14, 2013

HRN: Remember Me Rescue's Fundraiser for OTTBs

I would not normally post on this blog when I have published a new blog post on my Horse Racing Nation blog, but this is a special occasion.

"The words majestic, fierce, and athletic are among the words that spring into one’s mind when trying to describe the Thoroughbred racehorse. Not skin and bones, malnourished, ill, and near-death. But when Donna Keen, founder of Remember Me Rescue, looked at the scene before her on a ranch in San Marcos, Texas in the fall of 2012, she saw an abundance of Thoroughbreds that fit the latter description.

Nine of these horses were transported to Remember Me Rescue about three hours away, where they were nursed back to health. While these horses stayed at Remember Me, Keen formed the idea of a training challenge for off-the-track Thoroughbreds, an idea inspired partially by the Extreme Mustang Makeover. And so it all began.

The idea blossomed into a huge planning process for an event that is now creating great waves of anticipation and excitement. With Remember Me’s development of an all-Thoroughbred horse show in the spring of 2013 already in the works, the training challenge was added to the horse show plans with the name “Battle of the X’s, OTTB Trainer Challenge.” On April 27, Remember Me Rescue will host the all-Thoroughbred horse show, followed by the training challenge, at Will Rogers Memorial Center in Fort Worth, Texas – one of the most historic multi-purpose venues in the state of Texas. . ."

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