Monday, March 9, 2015

HRN: Ponies of the Track - Cisco: Amanda Ropar's Pride and Joy

Each time I post a new article on my Horse Racing Nation blog, I post a notice on this blogThese notices include an excerpt from the beginning of that article and a link to the piece. My latest Horse Racing Nation article is. . .

Ponies of the Track - Cisco: Amanda Ropar's Pride and Joy

"For nearly ten years, Amanda Ropar has ponied racehorses. Since the age of fourteen, Ropar has traveled to various tracks all over California, as well as tracks in states such as Arizona, Idaho, Iowa, and Oregon. She has been aboard an abundance of horses in her lifetime, but in 2008, Ropar encountered the horse of her dreams.

A bay roan Quarter Horse gelding of nearly 16 hands, Hancocks Outlook – or simply Cisco – came into Ropar’s life when the pony horse she had been using was injured. In desperate need of a horse, she reached out to her best friend, who owned the stocky gelding. Although reluctant to sell the already proven racetrack pony, Ropar’s friend did just that, leaving Cisco in the hands of Ropar. 
. ."

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