Thursday, August 17, 2017

HRN: My First Trip to Saratoga: A Photo Essay

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My First Trip to Saratoga: A Photo Essay

"Every racing enthusiast has a list of racetracks they hope to make it someday. As far as North American tracks go, there is probably one track that likely frequents these lists more so than others: Saratoga Race Course.

This certainly applied to me. I can name off a multitude of other tracks I would love to attend, but Saratoga seems to be one of the tracks that has eluded me. Since 1863, Saratoga has contributed some of racing's most colorful stories to the history books of the Thoroughbred. Year after year, it is the meet that attracts the attention of everyone in the industry, hosting some of the nation's most successful and promising racehorses.

But I thought it would be years before I ever made it to Saratoga. However, something fell together this summer for me to be able to make my first trip to Saratoga Springs, New York. In large part thanks to Horse Racing Nation's own Brian Zipse, I was invited to join the Young Racing Photographers Panel at Equestricon - the first-ever horse racing convention, held this summer in Saratoga Springs. In a whirlwind of events, I found myself in upstate New York to attend not only racing's most illustrious track, but its very first celebration and fan festival.

While Equestricon took up most of my time since I was only there for a few days, I was certain to spend some time at the track in the mornings - although I never got to attend a Saratoga sunrise like I've always dreamed of (maybe another trip!) - and of course go to the races.

Upon my first morning visit to the track, I was instantly blown away by the size and beauty of Saratoga, as well as the mass of people there - even in the morning. It was clear that horse racing is the culture in Saratoga Springs. In awe, I watched morning training with my camera in hand to catch the scenes. After all, it had not sunk in that I was actually at Saratoga; I would need these photos to capture the memories. . ."

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