Saturday, October 15, 2011

Diary of Dexter: Best Friends

Pebbles and Dexter
Photo: Terri Cage

Diary of Dexter is a series within Past the Grandstand about my retired racehorse, Wet Paint (AKA Dexter). Periodically, the blog will feature updates on the grandson of Storm Cat. You will really grow to love this wonderful horse.

Pebbles is the queen of all my horses. If you’re a human, she’ll be a sweetheart to you, though she demands attention. If you’re a horse, you better hope Pebbles likes you.
In fact, Pebbles must stay in a large pen instead of being turned out in the pasture with the other horses, as she will bully them. When we adopted Dexter, I was a little apprehensive, as I didn’t know how my beloved mare would treat our new addition.
It must have been something like love at first sight. Pebbles was immediately intrigued by Dexter and the two have been best friends ever since. They are turned out in pens right next to each other and all day long, they stand side by side with just a fence between them.  Usually, Pebbles will get aggravated at another horse, but she and Dexter are extremely friendly with each other.
I love watching the two together. Sometimes they just stand contentedly next to each other and occasionally, they will play over the fence. Pebbles has done so much for me, both in and out of the show ring, so it is wonderful to see her find such a good friend in Dexter.

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