Sunday, October 16, 2011

Just One Touch

You stand there in line impatiently, your eyes locked on the champion before you. You watch with jealousy as others step up to the stallion, putting their hands on his neck and smiling at a camera. You can’t wait for your turn to stand next to the magnificent horse before you.
Then it’s your turn. You step forward, whispering to the stallion, and set your hand on his velvety neck. He rolls his eye back to look at you, appraising you for an instant before pricking his ears and gazing at the crowd again. You stand there for just a moment, your hand resting on the soft, smooth neck of the stallion that took your breath away on the track or sired ones that you cheered for in the stretch. You gaze at the camera a friend, family member, or kind stranger is holding, smiling. Then it’s over. You walk away from the stallion and stand there, watching as others have their turn.
By then, you are filled with content. You’ve just touched a horse that either you cheered for down the stretch or produced a horse you rooted for avidly. He looked at you. It was just a brief moment in time, but it was a moment you’d never forget. Thank you, A.P. Indy, Bellamy Road, Curlin, Eddington, English Channel, Eskendereya, Lemon Drop Kid, Mineshaft, Pleasantly Perfect, Pulpit, Smart Strike, Stephen Got Even, Unbridled’s Song, and Yes It’s True. It’s an honor to have touched each of you and I’m looking forward to seeing many of you again soon.

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