Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Big News: PTG Now on Horse Racing Nation!

I am delighted and honored to announce that I have joined the blog list for Horse Racing Nation, a fan-powered horse racing site that brings to life a fun community for enthusiasts of the great sport. My blog on Horse Racing Nation will also be titled “Past the Grandstand.” Like this blog, an assortment of horse racing topics will be covered.

Posts will continue to be published on this blog as well, so you can catch up with me on both sites, which will feature separate articles. However, the amount of posts published on this particular blog will likely decrease and posts may be limited to blog series to that have become PTG "traditions," such as After the Auctions and Juvenile Spotlights. I thank you all for your great support; it means the world to me!

I invite you all to check out my HRN blog: 


  1. Wow -- this is awesome news! I'm so proud of you and your blog, and can't wait to follow its 'spinoff' of HRN. Keep up the good work!
    At this rate, you'll be famous in no time.