Sunday, May 12, 2013

Miss Fifty: Update Three

This is the third update on Miss Fifty since the publication of her story on I will continue to post updates about her on this blog, though they will likely only be occasional. If you have not yet read Miss Fifty’s story, please do so here. Read the most recent update prior to this one here.

In the last update for Miss Fifty, I informed readers that we were given the go-ahead by our veterinarian to begin hand-walking her and turning her out in a small pen. Since we did not have a small pen to put her in at the time, we were left to begin hand-walking her only.

But Fifty’s walks have been limited, in part due to her rambunctious behavior. Still, we wanted her to spend as much time as possible outside and we began to think of ways that would allow Fifty to be able to enjoy time outside. Eventually, we put up a fence panel that separated one of our pens in half. This allowed us to form the perfect-sized turn-out area for Fifty.

A month after her second vet appointment, we turned Fifty out for the first time. Despite a few brief moments in which she became very energetic, she seemed very relaxed, focused instead on how happy she was to be outside. For hours, she stood in the sunshine, eagerly watching the sights around her as she relished spending time outside for the first time in months.

I’d never seen Fifty as happy as she was during her first afternoon outside. It is a thrill to see her so content, finally enjoying what she has been limited from seeing due to her injury. The best part? Walking out my back door to the whinny of the filly I always dreamed of owning.

Miss Fifty spending her first afternoon outside
Photo by Mary Cage (iPhone photo)

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