Saturday, October 12, 2013

HRN: Breeders' Cup Flashback: Sunday Silence

From now on, I will be posting a notice on this blog whenever I post a new article on my Horse Racing Nation blogThese notices will include an excerpt from the beginning of that article and a link to the piece. My latest Horse Racing Nation article is. . .

Breeders' Cup Flashback: Sunday Silence

"Rivalries enhance the world of sports, igniting arguments between zealous fans and enhancing the thrill of the competition. Heightened pressure and anticipation, exciting finishes, and controversy define horse racing rivalries, which have the remarkable ability of both dividing and uniting racing fans. An abundance of rivalries have enriched the racing industry, but there are a select few that are heralded as racing’s all-time greatest rivalries. Among those is that between Easy Goer and Sunday Silence. . ."

Click here to read the rest of my newest Horse Racing Nation article.

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