Friday, August 16, 2013

Diary of Dexter: Sunshine and Summertime

With Dexter
Photo by Terri Cage
Since returning home in April, Dexter has been better than ever. A joy to ride, Dexter has – for the most part – abandoned his old bad habits and has become even more enjoyable to ride than before. Now it is a rare occurrence for him to display his barn sourness or for him to pick up the incorrect lead. On average, he has been fantastic!

I have ridden my first OTTB as much as possible this summer, though soaring temperatures sometimes impede on riding time. However, when I have ridden him, Dexter has improved with nearly ever ride and I can almost always count on having a great ride.

Not only has Dexter been great for me to ride, but I recently gave three friends with less riding experience brief lessons aboard him. He was an angel for them, as he was on his best behavior while they rode him.

Now that Dexter shows few behavioral issues, I am focusing on teaching him more complicated maneuvers, which he is learning steadily. Our goal is Remember Me Rescue’s second annual All-Thoroughbred Horse Show (set for March 8th and 9th of 2014), which this time I will return to as an exhibitor rather than a judge. After all, as a Remember Me Rescue graduate, it would only be fitting that Dexter’s first horse show be one held by Remember Me.

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