Wednesday, May 25, 2016

HRN: Photo Blog: A Visit to the Bluegrass

Each time I post a new article on my Horse Racing Nation blog, I post a notice on this blogThese notices include an excerpt from the beginning of that article and a link to the piece. My latest Horse Racing Nation article is. . .

Photo Blog: A Visit to the Bluegrass

"More than 20,000 foals are born each year  more than 7,000 of which breathe their first breaths of life in the Kentucky bluegrass. Spring in the Lexington, Kentucky, area is a magical time  a time when the pastures of green rolling hills are full of mares whose foals nap or romp alongside them.

But just how many of those youngsters go on to be champions? A numbered few. 
Those who do achieve such greatness on the track or in the breeding shed have their names etched in the books, garnering awe and respect.

While on a brief visit to Kentucky last week, I was able to see Thoroughbreds in each stage of their life – from young foals to retired warriors. The Bluegrass is unlike any other place, and is home to some of the world’s most elite Thoroughbreds – whether they be on a farm or at the track. . ."

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